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Our Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) : Level 2 Contributor

Partnership is one of our main values, and we pride ourselves in participation for all in mainstream economy. Through partnerships we embrace the changes that are necessary for development and growth towards transformation in South Africa. We pride ourselves on finding talent, and working with shareholders and suppliers in order to accurately represent the people of South Africa. An element of business compliance of which we are proud.

  • 43% of our staff are EE, 100% of this female.
  • 73% of the candidates we place are EE candidates.

Geotech is rated a Level 2 with 51% Black Ownership. This allows our clients to recognise their spend with Geotech as B-BBEE procurement, also meeting the requirements of Black Ownership.

Please view our B-BBEE affidavit here.

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